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Cheeky Photos was created on December 1st 2019 with one very clear and specific goal:

To catalogue the beauty of the human body.

The slender forms of the natural female body, the gorgeous lines and inviting nature of the female of the species, the tenderness of a guy’s firm ass. These are things your curator especially enjoys.

Cheeky Photos was born out of a series of posts on the Curator’s personal site highlighting the fact that most images of surfer girls are not representative of real life. A surfer himself, the Curator wanted to poke fun at an industry that portrays surfing as overly glamorous and full of models with perfect bodies.

Of course though – and in addition to highlighting the issue – your curator is well aware of the hypocrisy of getting enjoyment looking at said models with perfect bodies and tans who are handed a surfboard as a prop during a bikini photo-shoot.

The Curator

Your curator is an ass-man, so please forgive the abundance of bums, be they in jeans, panties, thongs, bikinis or in the nude. Nothing is more pleasurable to your host than a firm ass, whatever they are wearing. And just to warn, they could be boys and girls.

From long legs, perfectly round bums and hips you want to hold, to fine abdomens, breasts in all their shapes and sizes to the beauty in the faces of women the world over. All are included in abundance in Cheeky Photos.

Cheeky Photos hopes to celebrate the beauty of nudity. And what better way to do that than on the devices we all use every single day of our lives; our computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and watches. There are even a few cheeky GIFs for your own pleasure and titillation. Each photo is available to download as a wallpaper (or desktop background) for your own continuous enjoyment.

Your curator will remain a woman-loving, always-gentlemanly, pro-porn, respectful and anonymous man who simply enjoys a bel culo.

The Expectations

Needless to say, you should be over the age of eighteen (18) to view the contents of Cheeky Photos. Those under the age of eighteen may come across material that is not suitable for their age.

Many images on Cheeky Photos are considered non-nude, which means the woman depicted is not showing her nipples or crotch, or for men their penis or testicles. However, some photographs – which are of a more revealing nature – are included.

Images depicting nude breasts and labias are often posted. Also be advised male genitalia and bodies as well as sexual acts between man-and-woman, woman-and-woman, man-and-man and combinations thereof are occasionally published.

Sometimes a photo of a woman in a suit is wonderfully sexy, sometimes it’s a bikini shot at the beach, other times it is a man ejaculating over the ass of another man.

Cheeky Photos doesn’t discriminate, and the posting of an image is based solely on the artistry of a photograph and the beauty seen in the eye of the beholder, which is myself.

The Technical Bit

Each photo is available to download by right-clicking or pressing-and-holding and saving the file. They are catagorised by their resolution – or size – and of course the larger of the images can be resized to fit tablets in landscape orientation.

The home page lists each wallpaper in the order it was published and there is a link at the bottom to continually move forward through each and every post. Elsewhere around the site, there are tags which will filter out wallpapers to show just those with the relevant descriptor. The categories link filters out resolution sizes, which is helpful if you are looking for wallpaper specifically for use on a smart phone or mobile device, and all images can be shared via social media from the link on each wallpaper’s page.

Each photograph is copyrighted to its respective owner and Cheeky Photos makes no pretence to owning any content displayed on the site.

If you come across any mistakes – perhaps a model’s name is incorrect or an image has been tagged inappropriately – then please use the contact form to get in touch. Please ensure you copy-and-paste the URL (web page address) into the form so the issue can be understood and resolved promptly. For any requests to remove an image or amend any details, please allow for between 3 and 7 days for changes to take affect.

Cheeky Photos is hosted on a LAMP server based in the United States and the Curator is based in the UK. All models depicted on Cheeky Photos were – according to the photographer or studio that took the photographs – at least eighteen years of age at the time.

Cheeky Photos does not condone the abuse of minors or those in a position unable to make a sound judgement and decision when choosing to pose for a photographer. Any suggestion that a model has not consented or been of an adult age (eighteen) will result in the relevant image/s being immediately removed and the relevant authorities notified.

The Final Note

Cheeky Photos is genuinely made with a passion for the nude body; to celebrate this and great photography. Sometimes it is kind, pleasant and warming, sometimes it is hard and gritty, close to the edge and downright dirty.

What you see is what you get.

We are all perfectly-pleasant and wonderfully-whimsical human beings. We are all turned on by different things. The variety and diversity of all life on this planet is what makes this glorious third rock from the sun so beautiful, more so the human species and all our excentricities, social etiquettes and taboos.

I hope we can all respect one another, cherish one another and love one another.

– The Curator xxx

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