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Cheeky Photos was registered on Sunday 1st December, 2019, and the first wallpapers started to go up the following day.

By December 11th 2019, there were 508 wallpapers and by 19th this had doubled to over a thousand. With an archive that runs into the tens-of-thousands, the curator has his work cut out.

This is the first proper screenshot, because we all know the author loves a great fullscreen top-to-bottom view, ahem.

Cheeky Photos v191201.1


On January 11th, 2020, a lightbulb illuminated in the Curator’s mind and within a few minutes, the Cheeky Empire was born, with a further five domains registered in quick succession:

Although mostly not even started, the plan is relatively straight forward; a site dedicated to a variety of areas that interest one and all. The focus is still Cheeky Photos and the development of the database and traffic. With a current average of 40 posts/day, the rate of expansion is good for increasing the scope of the site by 1000 wallpapers each month.

Although little has changed with the design of the site in the initial couple of months, some tweaks are being made to try to optimise the flow and view of the main page, as well as the addition of further navigation aids and pages.

Cheeky Photos v191201.2

By January 17th, Cheeky Photos had surpassed 2000 wallpapers and the first advert went live on the homepage, although just a plug for another site in the Cheeky Empire. It allowed the Curator to play around with adverts though and start testing for key positions and ad placement.

On February 8th, Cheeky Photos reached 3000 wallpapers. And although the Twitter feed had only been going for not-even a month and only on 250 tweets, was starting to have a positive impact on the site’s reach, with unique visits suddenly increasing, pages-per-visit looking incredibly healthy at 30+ on average and bounce-rate decreasing to around 20%. It would seem Paula Shy and Katya Clover are favourites among the Twittersphere.

Shortly after the 3k milestone, your curator took a short break from posting wallpapers. Owning to the fact he started a new job, and being all too wise to pushing himself a little to hard, a two-week break was needed. Come March though, having settled into a new routine, The Curator was back and uploading as before.

During the short hiatus, visitor numbers dwindled suprisingly. Upon the return of posting, it only took about 12-hours for a decent number to return after some self-flaunting on social media, but such is the competition in this area, it would seem a regular posting schedule and media campaign will have to be developed.

Cheeky Photos v191201.2
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March 2nd saw two new categories added – GIFs and Watch. Although GIFs are not strictly wallpaper, they’re too much fun to not include. And there were a few very small photos in the Curator’s library of which there are no larger versions online, so instead of ignoring, it was realised they actually worked well on smart watches.

By March 14th, Cheeky Photos had reached 4000 uploads and that month was proving quite bumper with an average of 64/day to that point. Twitter had started to accelerate in terms of interaction and engagement, but overall visitors seemed to stall a little.

It was at this point in mid-March that the idea of celebrating the birthdays of models came to be; the idea being a day dedicated to a particular person with 24 hourly images published.

By late March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic was spreading rapidly around the entire planet and ultimately caused a global lockdown. While spending time at home was a novelty, the onset of a work-related wrist injury relating to this soon became apparent and work on Cheeky Photos became that much harder. Your curator is still uploading, albeit at a reduced rate and is still enjoying this project that has been created.

Towards the end of summer posting had resumed it’s regular schedule and a new category added, Panoramas. For those with a multi-monitor setup, these extra-wide wallpapers are perfect.

Cheeky Photos v191201.2
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In August 2021, Cheeky Photos surpassed 10,000 wallpapers and is easily on course for more than 10,000 unique visitors in a month. The site was opened for advertising on August 14th and thought turned to how the sister sites can be effectively managed. In essence, they haven’t really been started yet with the exception of Cheeky Fapper, a collection of hi-res GIFs. While ‘Fapper is doing some good numbers (more than ‘Photos did initially) the plan for the other domains is going to be either super-easy, or super-hard.

And speaking of super-hard things, on 24th September a sixth site was added to the family, Cheeky Boners. Solely dedicated to all things male, Cheeky Boners is in the ilk of Cheeky Photos, just orientated around cocks and cum.


Posting slowed a lot in 2022 as the Curator concentrated on his other projects and the sister sites to Cheeky Photos. However, videos were added in the summer and minor tweaks were made to all the sites behind the scenes. Cheeky Pussy and Cheeky Boners benefited the most from the change in focus with both sites building a strong archive of images, GIFs and videos. Traffic began to develop and surprisingly, the number of visitors to Cheeky Photos remained stable.

Cheeky Photos Homepage
Cheeky Photos v191201.2

So stable were visitor numbers throughout all of 2022, your Curator realised that maybe some attention should be spared to see if Cheeky Photos could be taken up a notch. The Twitter feed was restarted, then weirdly suspended because of the very same image that adorns the About page, but quickly resolved and resumed.

There is a huge backlog of images to get through and it quickly became a goal to try and clear the draft posts before the year was out. And while the majority of 2022 was spent developing the archive at ‘Boners and ‘Pussy, the final couple of months were spent flooding the ‘Photos stream.


The first quarter of 2023 was spent mostly on other projects, although some new Cheeky sites were registered. Three new categories appeared on the site after requests from visitors to both Cheeky Photos and sister site Cheeky Boners.

Cheeky Photos Formats Page

New sites that are currently under construction are:

Galleries, Montages and Monochrome sections were added, and although generally considered secondary categories, they enable visitors to quickly find certain images and post types.

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