Serenity Cox Gets Double-Cummed By Stranger & Cuckold Husband

Serenity Cox and her husband meet a stranger while out for lunch and before they know it, they are all heading back to the hotel room. Even before arriving at the room Serenity is making out and flashing her bra. With her cuckold husband on camera duty, Serenity begins by flirtatiously stripping from her clothes. First the t-shirt comes off, then she removes her denim skirt. In just a bra, small thong and sexy stockings, Serenity looks inviting.

Her new friend joins her on screen and Serenity wastes no time in dropping his jeans. In just his boxers and the pair begin to make out, kissing and groping each other, causing his cock to grow and bulge in his underwear. He strokes her pussy before she tosses him on the bed, pulls off his boxers and begins to play with him. Stroking, licking and sucking, it isn’t long before she makes him rock hard.

Her husband cannot contain his horniness though and it isn’t long before he is desperate to join, cock out getting a blowjob himself from his pleasing wife. She only wants her new cock though, and the pair return to playing around.

Serenity takes her new toy to the window while her husband drops his jeans and boxers and sites in the corner chair. Serenity drops to her kness and continues to suck on her new boner, rolling her tongue around while fingering her pussy. Ger husband continues to watch and wank from the chair.

The new lover wants more, and pulling Serenity’s thong to the side, her pernetrates her pussy right in front of the window. With the world to see, he pounds her tight pussy from behind, deeper and faster with every stroke.

The husband returns and Serenity keeps him interested by sucking him off while being fucked from behind. She loosens her bra and jerks them both before sending her cuckold back to his chair. She completely strips and sucks him off again. The return to the bed and Serenity is fucked doggy style over the edge of the bed, for while being spit roasted as she sucks on her husband’s boner similtaneously.

The husband knows his place though and must wait – Serenity gets to cum first, then her new lover. Resigned to stroking his cock from the side of the bed, Serenity his fucked harder. Flipping her around, she is then pounded on her back, causing her immense pleasure. As she cums, her new lover can no longer contain his load and too cums, right in her pussy.

Serenity doesn’t waste a second though, and now it is her husband’s turn. With her pussy still covered in cum, he penetrates her himself, driving in and out of her moist twat. With his cock covered in cum he gildes smoothly. And while watching Serenity suck her new lover’s dick yet again, he orgasms quickly and fills Serenity’s pussy with more hot cum.

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