John & Sky Passionately Fuck To Multiple Orgasms

John and Sky hang out in the bedroom and soon start to feel horny. Sky approaches John in sexy black lingerie, her thong tightly rising up her beautiful ass. Sky starts to undress, and sensing John’s hardening cock, she can’t wait any longer. Off comes his t-shirt and down come his pants. His stiff cock is too much for Sky to resist and soon she his stroking his shaft and sucking on him from top to bottom.

Sky peels off her panties and straddles her lover. Penetrating her smooth pussy, John feels her wet pussy and Sky begins to ride and bounce. She turns herself around and continues to bounce, become increasingly excited with each glide.

Sky’s ample tits jiggle around and John takes a firm grip. He throws Sky on the bed face-down and prone bones her tight pussy, harder and faster until Sky orgasms. She lifts her ass and John continues pounding away in the doggy style position, all the time teasing Sky’s anus with his thumb. As he presses ever deeper in her pussy, John reaches around and adds to Sky’s climax by stroking her clitoris.

Now it’s time for Sky to take control again, and she flips John onto his back, she spits on his cock, holds his legs up and open and lowers herself down his boner for an epic amazon position fuck. The views are incredible and Sky is clearly enjoying this session.

Sensing it is time to both come to the ultimate climax, John again returns to top and fucks Sky harder and harder in the missionary position. Pounding and thrusting they quiver and shake. Just at the perfect moment, John pulls out, wanks his boner, allowing his hot load to spray over Sky’s beautiful body.

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