Boning Step-Sister In Hotel Room

Feeling horny Liza’s step-brother moves in closer and spoons her naked body in the bed. With mum fast asleep, he begins to rub against her, turning her on and making her wet. To give her a little taster, he whips his cock out of his shorts and lets her feel him against her sweet pussy.

He takes off his t-shirt and shorts and penetrates Liza, all the time trying to keep quiet and avoid waking their mum. He pushes deeper into Liza’s pussy, exciting and thrilling her. Wanting more, he opens her legs and enters her from on top. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, Liza struggles to contain herself. Cumming inside, he wanks every drop of spunk out.

In the morning, and seeing Liza in the bathroom putting on her make-up, he can’t help but feel horny again. He takes Liza into the shower and fucks her from behind. Pressing his cock into her pussy, she climaxes again before sucking him off under the water.

With mum gone, she leads him back into the bedroom and begins riding him on the bed. Bouncing on his cock she feels herself close to cumming again. She invites him to fuck her doggy. On all fours, she presents her stunning pussy and he begins to pound her. Ramming his hard cock in and out, they both climax, pulling out just in time and showering her ass with his hot cum.

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