Beautiful Lovenia Lux Washes The Car & Fucks The Owner

Absolutely stunning Lovenia Lux begins by washing the car, working the soap over the body before moving onto her own. She drizzles the warm soapy water over her tight, slim and tanned body.

After removing her top and little hotpants she gets the hosepipe and begins to have fun. Spraying her naked body she feels horny and starts to rub her little tits and smooth pussy.

When the car’s owner arrives, Lovenia sees her opportunity and allows him to massage her pierced nipples and smooth pussy. She pulls down his shorts and begins sucking his hard cock right there on the driveway.

Wanting more Lovenia turns around and lowers her stunning pussy onto his boner and begins riding him. She spins and rides him facing forwards, before leaning back and bouncing harder. Lovenia then leans over a sun lounger and allows her pussy to be penetrated from behind.

Lovenia rides her man’s boner once again, getting closer and closer to orgasm. After she cums she knows she needs to do the same to her man who has given such pleasure to her pussy. She starts sucking and wanking his hard cock, sucking his balls and pumping his shaft. Lovenia uses her tongue to bring him closer and closer.

After an epic blowjob he eventually cums in Lovenia’s mouth, giving her a taste of hot cum. Her job done, Lovenia dives into the swimming pool.

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